Sunday- Eco chic

B.Mingled Wedding Week 2014

Sunday – Toddlers and events
For our last post this week, I decided to introduce you my "little helper", aka my son. He surely enjoyed our Eco-Chic Wedding Project!

We both had plenty of fun collecting cherry blossoms and sweet gumtree fruits, making drums out of the empty canes, singing through the paper towel rolls, and “hiding” under the tables. He even posed as our ring bearer… So the berry basket and cake in the jar at the end were well deserved!


I am extremely lucky to have such a happy and well behaved boy, but even he gets cranky when he gets hungry or tired. So, what should you know if you want to be surrounded with happy little faces at your event?

My advice for parents, if you are bringing your toddlers to a wedding ceremony is to have a quiet toy and a small snack on hand ready for them.

The best place to be seated is in the back row closest to the door, so you can make a quick, undetected exit. If your little munchkin decides to throw a tantrum, wants to check the acoustic of the room by practicing singing, or needs to go to the bathroom in the middle of the ceremony, it is proper etiquette to dismiss them from the room.

As for the couple, (if you are planning to invite a lot of families with small children) it might be worth the investment to hire a professional nanny service at your event. This will surely make the whole experience much easier and pleasant for everybody-- yourself, the families, and even the kids. This way you can enjoy the goofy, playful little admirers without the drama.

Check out the blog tomorrow for some great tips from our in-house Floral Designer, Rang!

~ Mariya

*** Photography by Mariya Molduvanova


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