B.Mingled Wedding Week-Tuesday

B.Mingled Wedding Week 2014

Tuesday – Paper, Paper, Paper!

How many of you have a pile of brown wrapping paper and a bunch of paper towel rolls waiting to go to the recycling bin? 

Inspired by the idea of recycling, reusing and repurposing, we decided to use those “abundant” materials and make something pretty for our Eco-Chic Wedding Photoshoot... before we sent them away on their journey to the recycling facility.

We had leftover brown wrapping paper which was cut into small pieces and arranged in drawers, creating a great base for our food presentation. This added an interesting texture and contrast. The rest was cut into ribbons and weaved into small baskets to display berries. A bigger one was made for the flower girl, which we filled with dried cherry blossoms collected from my street.

Continuing the natural approach, I used the spiky fruits of a Sweetgum tree growing across the street as a base for the ring pillow, and added cut toilet paper rolls to create a 3D flower.

We used recycled paper for all of the invitations and papery, as well as to create flags for food labels.

Please check out the whole article here: http://www.thedcladies.com/2014/06/09/an-eco-chic-wedding-for-a-dc-lady/ .

Continue reading Wednesday for the next design tip.

~ Mariya


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