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B.Mingled Wedding Week 2014

Wednesday: Designing the Perfect Buffet

A lot of people believe design for the wedding ends with choosing pretty centerpieces and fancy patterns of linens. There is a lot more to consider! When the B.Mingled Team designs an event, we create an experience which stimulates all of the senses. 

What better way is there to incorporate these key elements then through food? Choosing a perfect menu for guests and producing a beautiful food presentation is a great opportunity to further incorporate the design theme. We once again took the theme of an Eco-Chic Wedding and integrated the style into our catering.
Instead of a traditional table runner we reused an old, bamboo window shade. The table displayed a collective mix of old drawers, reclaimed wooden boxes, and shelves to create the base of our buffet. True to the Eco-Chic theme, we replaced some of the tableware with small baby food jars, mixed and matched glassware for salads, and an eclectic array of metal spoons bent to create a service of finger-food.
We wanted to transition the idea of using fresh, local ingredients into the photoshoot. Nothing says Green Wedding better than an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables, artisan bread, homemade cake in a jar, and the use of Kettle corn and a baked pie from two of the area's small businesses.

You can find the entire photoshoot here: 

Follow us tomorrow for the next design inspiration!



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