Fall 2013 Color Fushions

You may be a bride who's well on the way towards planning a stylish wedding for the autumn months, but have you considered the latest trends??? How could you NOT be excited after exploring the following colors paired together in sweet, harmonious bliss? Read ON.

#1: Yellow & Gray- It's been noted once already this year, and we are still sporting the modish combination.

#2: Purple & Green- Sophisticated and lush…with complementary shades to make each other "pop" in gorgeous color. I like adding the natural look of green to different vibrant tones. It creates a classy look, while adding volume to centerpieces & bouquets.


 #3: Navy & Orange- Wow! Nothing like emitting "zest" to a basic color. The flavorful brightness of citrus and melon added to deep blue presents real style. I think this is my new favorite…not to mention the noted glam of crystal application to add a little sparkle. Can we say signature look?!

These trends can be applied to any entertaining event- not just weddings. Maybe you will host a posh Halloween Party, or invite your friends for a fall wine tasting? Either way, get a group together & just "mingle"!

Celebrate Life's Greatest Moments,

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Okay, brides and party hosts…Let's talk cake! {My mouth is already watering:-)}

This year we are seeing a new trend. Forget the gigantic tower of confection, cupcakes, and the cake pops sitting alone at an isolated table. Say hello to mini cakes…perfect for those like myself who have a difficult time deciding on ONE design. Feel free to mix a few varieties of sweets and add decor to make the display a beautiful focal point.

(notice the choices of desserts!)
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Giving a beautiful variety is the perfect choice for hearing guests say "wow". With so many details, colors, textures, and designs people will have a hard time deciding which convention to choose!

Bon Appetite!


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