Greetings, Friends!

I've had many people ask how our business came to be. In short, here's the explanation:

I am a natural entertainer, window shopper, and creative dreamer. I am happiest imagining the details of a fabulous party adorned with beautiful decor, pretty pastries, sparkling cocktails, and fabulous company. Who wouldn't want to be surrounded by the best people having the time of their lives??

Combine my love of entertaining with the skill of planning perfection and the concept was born: B. Mingled Weddings and Events!

After moving from central Pennsylvania to the greater Washington D.C. area, I decided to take my business through an adventurous change to better represent myself & suit the district's finest clients.

Meeting Ashly Townsend completed the transformation. The introduction by her aunt proved evident she was the key piece I was looking for to make B.Mingled extraordinary!

Follow our blog for ideas, inspirations, tips, trends, and style.

We are bursting with excitement and creativity…let the mingling begin!

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