I have A TON of event resources in my office. Party ideas, timelines & guides to planning perfect, wedding lists for a registry, handmade weddings…you name it, I probably have it!

I LOVE books. I like the feel, the smell, the various writing styles…not to mention the information & knowledge gained! I have collected magazines since I was a child, but have become especially drawn to Martha Stewart. Anyone who knows me understands my devotion to her company & many publications. It's a bit ridiculous, but the woman is genius. (Admit it)!

Any top-notch wedding/event planner & designer should have a devoted resource of materials to help create visions & ideas for your event. They should replenish items yearly to ensure they maintain educated and knowledgable on current trends.

When you are interviewing a planner/designer, make sure you ask plenty of questions. By interviewing, you will gain an understanding of who they are, their level of professionalism, and their business mannerisms.

Example Questions:

  • "What is your personal style?" 
  • "Where do you get inspired?"
  • "How old are your resources?"
  • "Do you attend professional conferences annually?" 
  • "Am I able to see & use your resources?"
  • "Explain the variety of resources you use?"
An event planner should have materials ranging from organizational books, to marriage vows, to ethnic & cultural resources….they should have more than just "pretty wedding magazines."
Planning & designing events should be like any other professional job…you have to continually educate yourself and see what's new in the world to always provide top-notch services to your clients.

Happy Reading,


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