Hiring A Wedding Planner: Is it Necessary?

Is hiring a wedding planner/coordinator valuable? 
What does a wedding planner do? Is It affordable?
My venue already has a coordinator...why would I need to hire a wedding planner? Is there a difference?

This event is an easy listen; full of information for those who are newly engaged, almost ready to "walk the isle," or those who are simply interested in wedding planning. This is a perfect opportunity to hear from a professional wedding planner in the industry...a complimentary, informative class.

As a specialist in the event industry, Senta Martz, owner of B.Mingled Weddings and Events, invites you to this informative session to learn wedding planning basics, the purpose of hiring a wedding planner, and budget and pricing break down. The class will address common issues related to planning a wedding, how to hire qualified vendors, and small techniques to make the day run smoothly.

Have related questions or concerns regarding your wedding and/or the planning process? Send emails to senta@bmingled.com for the Q&A portion of the event.

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