B.Mingled Wedding Week 2014

We decided to dedicate this week’s blog entries to the recent photoshoot we did for our friends, The DC Ladies, and to share some of the behind the scenes of the designing process. 
This week will showcase our inspiration for an Eco-Chic Wedding.

Monday: Home Renovation Projects Transform Into Elements of a Wedding Reception

Sometimes all you need is great timing. We were right in the middle of replacing the old windows in our home, when Shelley from The DC Ladies asked the B. Mingled Team to design an Eco-Chic Wedding photoshoot. I just couldn’t miss the opportunity to put those old, squeaky windows to some good use.

They were the perfect fit for our theme! The whole idea of recycling, reusing and repurposing, is the main focus in every Green Wedding. To add our personal touch, I decided to embelish them with flowers made of recycled paper-towel rolls. 

We suspended two of the windows to create a focal point for the ceremony. Another one was used as a seating chart, instead of the tradition escort cards. 

As for the icing on the cake, I built a couple of tables that were used for cocktails/desserts display.

Please check out the whole article here: 

Make sure you visit our blog tomorrow for the next detailed piece of the design!

**Article and photographs by Mariya Molduvanova; original Eco-Chic Wedding styled shoot can be found on the DC Ladies website.


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