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Let's Get Crafty: Put Your Mark on It

I was born "crafty." I get it honestly! My mother used to make clothes for my brother and I; my grandfather produced colorful, braided rugs. Additionally, there is a long line of quilters, crocheters, and knitters in the family too. It's no wonder I have a closet full of DIY projects...

After the kickoff of my wedding & event planning business, I decided I would share some of the creativity to show people the real me "in action." It's easy to read about someone and their talents, but observing a person perform gives an exceptional illustration of their personality, skill, and expertise. Hence, the launching of my new YouTube channel. (Super excited!!)

For those who are "not so crafty" or pinched for time, scope out my Etsy store (coming soon) where featured items from my YouTube videos will be available for purchase (with additional party items). Some products are even custom ordered & designed for YOU! Keep checking this blog for details.

Ready to "meet me" and see me in action? Watch below as I create a Chic Bridesmaid Kit (aka clutch full of goodies)

Go Show Your Crafty Side,


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