Give Me a "Boo"!

Yes, ladies & gentleman, it is my most favorite time of year! Who doesn't love sweater weather, the warm colors of fall, and most of all— good 'ole Halloween!

Reminds me of myself & Will

Since childhood, I would dream of creative costume ideas, stroll the "frightening" decoration aisle, and wait impatiently for my mom's permission to finally let me dig out the festive decor. I enjoy every aspect of it: the horror films, the painted-on makeup, the wigs, AND the CANDY!

Feeling the spirit of autumn with the cooler weather, I decided it was time to get busy with bringing out the skeletons, ghosts, witches, and pumpkins…all to surprise my "lovey" on his return home from a business trip.

This year I decided to stick with traditional decor. I do, however, always encourage "thinking outside of the box" and mixing of customary ideas with modern concepts. If only I had more storage…I would certainly mix things up a bit with color & design!
Yeah, this photo looks a little "scary" to me. I can't help but smile:-)

My lovely Pillows!

Mini Skulls
And last, but not least, my little witch that sits on my mantle:
Now SHE is the definition of cute!

Have a spook-tacular Halloween,

Have a great home filled with Halloween? Did you come up with an original costume idea this year??? Email me with picts & a short story behind your creations:


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