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Educational Resources for Wedding and Event Planning

What's new in the world of party planning? Where do planners and designers get their ideas? Does a wedding planner really need education??

When I first officially kicked off my business, there were people around me who thought I was just "playing around" or "being like J.Lo"…it was hard to get the public to understand planning a wedding or other major event is no easy task…let alone building a business (the right way)! I don't have a business background & I did not go to some fancy event planning school. I'm a very educated girl who is extremely driven & loves to throw a good party.

Being I already had a Masters degree & seven years of school in my past, I naturally wanted to become educated in business and the world of event planning. I attended multiple conferences, read a genre of books, hired a business coach, & did my research. I can offer quality services that continually leave my customers feeling like rock stars, thanks to a lot of hard work.

Along the way, I have found many useful books, magazines, and resource manuals to help me plan amazing events. I believe any client who is going to put down $50,000 trusts that I take my job seriously…and that includes staying on top of my game & maintaining education.

Check out the library corner area where you will see the resources I use, tips to help make a great event, how to choose a planner and/or designer, and ways to make your event special.

Have a specific question about planning? Ask away & I will gladly post it to my blog to help others!
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