Stylish Inspiration

Stylish Inspiration

Where do YOU find your inspiration for style?

My eyes are ALWAYS open…looking around for new patterns, fit, colors and designs. This is one of the major reasons I find so much enjoyment walking around cities being a "people watcher." It always interests me to view how people express themselves. You can tell so much about an individual, their sense of self, & unique personality simply by the outfit they are sporting.

I am fortunate to get my hands on many types of fashion & bridal magazines from around the world…thanks to my super thoughtful BF. It is always exciting opening the modish pages and taking a look at what is "hip" across the pond. These magazines not only have been a great inspiration for my own closet, but also to carry the concepts into my business & the world of weddings. I love being able to look far beyond the typical subscriptions found in the grocery store and various waiting rooms!

From the many faces of Vogue, to bridal magazines galore, check out: for an immense collection of inspiration for your personal closet. As an avid traveler, it is always great to bring a little European influence onto my coffee table, into my wardrobe, and expressed in wedding designs! 



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