Outfits that Sparkle

The holiday season is upon us! My inbox has started to collect invites for Christmas celebrations, ugly sweater parties (back again for another season), and office get-togethers. Although looking your best and deciding what to wear can be a daunting task, look no further! Our guide will get you to the party and back looking flawless with ease.

…These tips also work with winter weddings (of course)!!
Shelli Segal

Style tip #1: If unsure of color, always opt back to basics with black. It looks sharp on everyone no matter what body shape or hair color. Black can be styled up or down to accommodate the appropriate dress code.
Kate Spade

Style tip #2: Accessorize. A simple cut can look glamorous with jewelry, cardigans, hats, shoes, scarves, purses, etc. Incorporate a little sparkle for evening parties by using a jeweled piece. Pick one or two items only…adding too much "bling" looks overdone and overwhelming. Simplicity is key.

Style tip #3: Drink plenty of pre-party water. Your skin will look refreshed. Alcohol has the opposite effect.
Glam Eyes

Style tip #4: Centralize your make-up to a pouty lip or glam eyes, but don't do both. Just as too many accessories looks overdone, too much make-up will do the same. You want to look fun and fresh, not like you've stepped off the stage of a broadway production.

Style tip #5: Use one outfit for multiple parties. You can save your holiday funds for gifts instead of buying multiple outfits for every occasion. Most of the time there are different groups of people at each event. You can always switch accessories, change the style of your hair, sport different jewelry, and highlight another makeup application to make the outfit different.


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