Home Entertaining with Etsy

As a crafter at heart, I am immensely fond of Etsy. For those of you who have no idea what Etsy is—> stop right now and click on the link: www.etsy.com (you will not be disappointed)!!

I am in the process of becoming a new home owner and have a million ideas floating in my imagination of how I want my new home to be designed. The instinctive designer in me is exploding with possibilities! Not only is this going to be my first home, it is also the first place my fiancé and I will settle into as a new Mr. and Mrs. This place holds an emotional attachment already.

To find representation of my personal style, I spend hours searching Etsy. I can appreciate the craftsmanship and original ideas worked into each piece. Any new couple, and experienced couple, alike can gather inspiration and unique pieces for their own home entertaining.

I searched the DC area for small business boutiques advertising their quality decor and housewares on Etsy. The following listings are pure gems!

(Click on each picture for links to the product & shops)

Throw Pillow
Etsy Shop: ReedFeatherStraw

Welcome Door Wreath
Etsy Shop: WhimsyChicDesigns

Artsy Serving Tray
Etsy Shop: LittleSpoonStudio

DC Clock
Etsy Shop: PaperAnnie

Have a favorite Etsy shop or want to feature your own creations? Email me: senta@bmingled.com for submissions & recommendations!



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