Designing with Pantone Colors of the Year

Pantone Colors are released annually as a guide for designers, fashion experts, and stylists around the world. A color palette noted to be upcoming and popular, Pantone colors are infused in clothing trends, home decor, and extravagant events. As an event design company, we will incorporate combinations of these inspired shades in customized themes to offer clients vibrant parties and beautifully colored occasions.

The pictures below demonstrate a mock rehearsal dinner using Celosia Orange and Freesia from our company, B.Mingled Weddings and Events.
A towering bouquet with yellow and orange.

Orange & yellow are carried through in small accents.

Orange linens and a soft yellow throw and pillow are added.

Succulents, english garden roses, and cascading flowers were also added for a taste of signature style trends of the season. Gold accents were applied throughout the design.

Gold wired name tags and embellishments add customized touches.

Get ready to see a wedding and fashion season full of bright colors and bold style!

Be Inspired,


**photography by Mariya Molduvanova


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