Put on a Sweater & Party

Cool, crisp air…red and orange leaves…the reappearance of delicious pumpkin lattes in local coffee shops…I LOVE fall!

This is the time of year I look forward to most. I relish the thought of being about to "sport" my cozy sweaters & fabulous tall boots. No other season can warm the soul as well as autumn. I know I don't stand alone…I hear people everywhere conversing about the enjoyment fall brings. So, being the party planner that I am, this opens a new door of ideas to fully savor the season!

Fall Party Idea….here we go!

Pumpkin Carving Festivities (My Favorite)

It does not matter if you are 8 or 68 years old; pumpkin carving causes the imagination & creativity to ignite in most people. With there being a variety of websites, magazines, and storefronts displaying crazy carving ideas, there are plenty of endless designs.

Here are the TWO simple elements needed to have a successful party:

A. Carving Supplies
- Pumpkins (there are traditional round orange pumpkins, but also other great options such as white flesh varieties, gourds, butternut squash, and acorn squash)
- a good carving knife
- patterns and/or markers to create your own design
- tape (if using a pattern)
- tea lights (for the finished project)

Also try paints, permanent markers, glitter gels, cobwebs and other halloween decor. Get creative…your imagination is endless!

B. Food
- A pumpkin inspired menu
- "Warm" drinks…think of serving a Hot Toddy and Kahlua Hot Cocoa
   Food Recipes  

Easy, right??!! 

Of course I would add decor, but not everyone is as excited as myself when it comes to tiny pumpkins, pretty linens, and perfumed candles:-)

Get Carving,


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