An Inspirational Place

Thank You, DC Rental, for inspiring my inner designer! 

As I spent some time yesterday morning touring the warehouse with the lovely, Jennifer Krysa, I could not help but leave the place bursting with excitement…and spent the rest of the day hastily filling the pages with newly found inspirations in my "Catch All/ Idea" journal.

Like ruffles & shimmery things?? They Have It!

The place is LOADED with awesome finds…an event planners dream!
I was surrounded by beautiful textures, colors, and patterns in every direction, all fighting for my attention.

Chairs, tables, and tableware are plenty in supply, as well. With many options to choose from, it would be hard for anyone to easily pick ONE thing they Love.

Excited to see the place for yourself?! I highly recommend it.

And be sure to give Jennifer my hellos!

Cheers to Designing,


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